Key Facts On Our Talking Video Avatars

No other product on the market today gives you the power, flexibility and customizing options that our Talking Video Avatars does – at ANY price!

Are you looking to targeting a specific country or language? Our Video Talking Avatars allows you to create your avatar to speak in any of 24 languages! We can even use our auto-translation system to convert your script cleanly and professionally. Your avatars will speak to your audience in their own native language! How cool is that?If you are looking to targeting a specific country or language, our Video Talking Avatars does the trick. They allow your talking avatar to speak in 24 languages! By employing our auto-translation system. we can convert your script cleanly and professionally. allowing our video avatars to speak to your audience in their own native language! Now how cool is that?

The more site visitors you get to interact with your website, rather than just click away within seconds, the more leads you’ll get. What that means is ultimately more customers, more sales and… more profits in your pocket!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re visitors are on a desktop PC or Mac, tablet or even a smartphone, your avatars will work perfectly and our Video Talking Avatars will Shift Your Site’s Marketing Power Into Extreme Overdrive!

Add our Video Talking Avatars to your blogs, websites and affiliate landing pages. You’ll instantly boost sales and lead signups like magic!

By using our Video Talking Avatars you can offer visitors a cool free product like an eBook or digital giveaway, to get them on your mailing list is a fool-proof way to get higher opt-in rates – with no additional effort, costs or advertising expenses!

Your avatar will appear on the content’s page and interact with each person who visits your website. Invite them to join your list, click through to another site or whatever else you want them to do, with no need to create your own content!

You can use this powerful capability to get super-cheap leads from inexpensive post-engagement ads on Facebook, Twitter or any Social Media forum!

  • Use our Video Talking Avatars avatar to offer incentives to your visitors to get them to buy!
  • Offer customers assistance to complete a sale if they have any questions or need more information.
  • Offer instant discounts to visitors who started a shopping cart to get them to complete the sale, and a whole lot more!
  • Your sales will increase, while your abandonment shopping cart rates decrease!

And don’t forget, you can also build a subscriber list from visitors who are just browsing your store!

If you run a small or brick-and-mortar business…

Use our avatar to offer discount coupons, bonus items, “buy 1 get 1 free” offers and whatever else you want to get more leads and customers.

If you’re running a service business, it’s a great way to build a rock-solid prospect list.

For example, if you run a restaurant, offering a discount promo coupon is a great way to get more customers in during your slow periods, and get people added to your customer list.

The possibilities are simply endless!

If you’re a product creator…

You can use our Video Talking Avatars to interact with visitors who check out your sales pages.

Get them to make micro-commitments, so you can either get them to complete a sale or get on your list so you can follow-up with emails.

You’ll dramatically increase sales with less promotion/follow-up needed!

If you’re a blogger or author…

Use our Video Talking Avatars to get more engagement from your blog readers or book buyers!

Invite them to get on your list to take advantage of special offers and a whole lot more!

If you’re an affiliate marketer…

Use our Video Talking Avatars to leverage other site’s content via advertising or social media promotion, then get visitors to click through to your affiliate links and/or subscribe to your list!

Regardless of your niche, you can use news, blogs and other content sites to promote YOUR offers with endless possibilities!

You can also use our Video Talking Avatars on your landing pages, bonus pages, review posts, and more to skyrocket your affiliate commissions with no additional effort!

Regardless of your niche, you can use news, blog posts and other content sites to promote YOUR offers with endless possibilities!
No Matter How You’re Trying To Build Your Business Or Make More Money Online, our Video Talking Avatars Can Help!

Just What Is our Video Talking Avatars Exactly?
It’s a dynamic, powerful web-based SAAS (software as a service) platform that we use to create your very own custom Video Talking Avatar for any website, blog page or E-commerce store!

Until now, creating Video Talking Avatars like the ones that many major marketing sites use was difficult and expensive.

You had to hire actors and/or animators, voice-over people, copywriters,
developers and video editors to make it happen, or pay for
expensive apps to pull it off.

Our Video Talking Avatars Eliminates All The Expense and Hassle…

Want to be your own avatar or hire your own actor/actress? NO problem, you still can with our Video Talking Avatars platform!

Video Talking Avatars has an existing library of ready-made scripts for most standard functions like getting subscribers, offering discounts/incentives and more!

So there’s no need to hire copywriters for your scripts for most standard marketing objectives, unless you want to.

Have an original script that you want to use? You can upload it quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Our Video Talking Avatars platform does the rest!

Our Video Talking Avatars’s revolutionary life-like text-to-speech technology allows you to generate clean, smooth, and well-spoken speech from any text script in 24 languages and with over 47 voices (male and female) and even various English accents!

This eliminates the need to hire expensive voice-overs, while giving you tremendous flexibility for geo-specific marketing!

Have your own video or voice-over track that you want to use instead of text-to-speech?

Simply upload it to our Video Talking Avatars platform and it will create your avatar for you!

No need to hire expensive programmers or developers, EVER.

Our Video Talking Avatars’s lightning-fast/high-performance
cloud hosting on Google’s award-winning network eliminates the need for expensive video hosting, it’s included for one low price!

You can also add your own videos with any green screen background and we will convert them to stunning Video Talking Avatars with invisible background that will play on all websites.
Nothing On The Market Even Comes Close To What our Video Talking Avatars Does – At Any Price!

The few avatar apps that are currently available require expensive monthly subscriptions and are highly-limited in functionality compared to Video Talking Avatars.

And none of them even work natively on mobile browsers like our Video Talking Avatars does!

Major web brands and Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar to get this kind of technology running on their sites!

Our development team spent months testing Video Talking Avatars head-to-head against the leading competing avatar apps…

And our Video Talking Avatars leads the pack hands down!

Simply put, none of the competing apps can touch all that our Video Talking Avatars can do.

For instance, Video Talking Avatars’s proprietary “invisible background” effect works on any browser or display (desktop or mobile), unlike the competition. It will even work on your own uploaded videos (watch the demo for details!)!

It took serious cutting-edge development to pull that off!

And all this just scratches the surface!
our Video Talking Avatars IS 100% COMPATIBLE ON ANY DEVICE.

Our team of dedicated developers are continuously updating our platform – seamlessly and behind the scenes!

This ensures our Video Talking Avatars will always be current with the constant changes and updates by various browsers and mobile device platforms, no matter what happens.

We will also continuously add new features and functionality based
on the feedback of our users!

Here’s just a peek at all you get:
Professional Human Avatars:
these actors and actresses have proven audience appeal, and have proven to increase conversion rates. Choose from pre-selected male and female actors to be your avatar. Use them to engage with your audience and entice them with offers, and more!

Life-Like 3D Animated Avatars:
They are incredibly human-like (male and female) avatars that you can use to convey your message to your visitors in an eye-catching way! Characters like these can easily cost up to $2000 to create and render for just one minute’s worth video playback. But with Video Talking Avatars, you can utilize these 3D avatars with no limits or restrictions!

Stunning 2D Animated Avatars:
These characters are vector-based animated characters that you can use to engage your visitors. Animated characters like these can cost between $400 and $600 to create for just one minute of video playback time. But with Video Talking Avatars, you can utilize these 2D avatars with no limits or restrictions at a fraction of the price!

State-of-the-art, life-like text-to-speech technology:
Our proprietary text-to-speech engine has the latest technology, in-house developed by our platform providers, making them unique, there is simply nothing like it on the market!

Easy script and voice management Revisions :
You can easily record your own voice and upload any voice/video track! Also customize your scripts, or use one of our pre-written scripts created by our talented staff with the voice and customization’s that you choose. You have a wide variety of options, a selection of over 47 male and female voices, and 24 different languages – with automatic language translation!

We also offer a powerful range of powerful conversion tools to add to your Video Talking Avatars avatars:

These include customizable:

  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Easy opt-in tools that interface directly with Aweber, Getresponse, and any other autoresponder
  • Coupon codes
  • Countdown timers
  • Lifetime cloud hosting for your avatars using Google’s high-performance cloud network, and so much more!!

Before we even talk about our ultra-low introductory price, let’s recap what it would take for you to develop and host just ONE video avatar from scratch, by yourself:

Expensive video editor and/or software $200 or more!
Voice over actor $100 or more!
Live actor or actress $500 or more!
Copywriter for the script $300 or more!
2D/3D animation for avatar creation! $500-$2000 or more per minute!
Programmer or developer for implementation $1000 or more!
High-performance cloud-based video hosting $300 a year or more!
Software to perform everything else that Video Talking Avatars does (like text to speech) $700 or more!

Conservatively speaking, you could easily spend $5000 or more to get all the functionality and capabilities that you get with our Video Talking Avatars, and that’s for just creating one avatar!

Or… you can subscribe to an expensive video avatar app platform or service and pay a hefty monthly subscription fee for rather limited capabilities.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

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