Video Talking Avatars

Super Engaging

Reduces Bounce Rate

Increase Call to Action

Captivate Your Visitors


Sample Script of The Video Talking Avatar on This Page

Welcome to the new home of, Talking Video Avatar dot com.

You are at the right spot, at the right time!

Today more than ever, it is so difficult to engage customers and increase what is called “Call To Action”.

Increasing your call to action will no doubt increase your sales.

Imagine having me or one of my avatar buddies on your website, telling your personal story, then when I’m finished, offering them a special discount code which can only be received at the end of my message. Get the picture?

Interesting right?

Well you are doing exactly that!

When my timer hits zero – You will see a button that will either direct you to a link, page of my choice or offer you a special discount…

I can even make a small screen video play at the end of my talk!

Thank you for visiting us and hoping you day or evening is super.
Now Check this out!

Our Video Talking Avatars is a break-through technology, also a never-seen-before technology that can create “talking” 2D, 3D, and Human Video Talking Avatars with free video hosting.

We can get your Video Talking Avatars to talk in any of the 24 languages, different accents and a wide variety of avatars and instantly convert your text into life-like voice using our “State of the Art”  Text-To-Speech engine.

But that’s in all! Make sure to check out the amazing features below…

Finally… now available to you all at affordable pricing;
A Proven Way To Increase Conversions That does not Rely On Popups, Overlays and Other outdated and Tired Tactics!

Our Avatars Interact With Your Audience Using our Custom Video Avatars while Dominating Your Niche And Crushing Your Competition!

As everyone knows…
It’s harder than ever to retain your visitors’ attention for longer than 30 seconds, and even harder to get them to respond to your call-to-actions!

The latest research shows that getting leads, subscribers and sales is getting more difficult every day.

Our Video Talking Avatars helps you connect and interact with site visitors, in ways that pop-ups, widgets and other web conversion tools just done work any longer.

Our Avatars allows you to reach out to your visitors and get their attention which is the ultimate goal of your website, blog or E-commerce store.

It then increases interaction to take a certain desired action like get on your list, click a buy button, and so much more!

With our cutting-edge digital animation technology, we can create revolutionary, dynamic life-like avatars that utilizes a text-to-speech technology application that is limitless.

You can even choose from a wide selection of male or female avatars (live, 2D and 3D-animated) as well as 47 different voices, accents and over 24 languages!

You can even use your own video and voice-overs to create your avatars, by creating a DYI recording in front of a green screen or use a professionally created live voice over.

If you are interested in creating yourself as a video avatar, contact us for more details, advice & suggested equipment that you will need.

The versatility of our Video Talking Avatars gives you the assurance that you will connect with your sites’ audiences!

With our Video Talking Avatars, you can:

Get more visitors to stay on your site longer, with the goal of engagement. Engagement equals more sale and increased profits… and bottom line.  It’s that simple!

Our Video Talking Avatars convey any message you want to any visitor, regardless of how they’re visiting your site – desktop, mobile or tablet!

They can offer coupons, bonuses and other incentives to get visitors on your email list or to make a purchase!

Get new subscribers added to your lists seamlessly and automatically with platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, Sendlane & even MailChimp.

The More Visitors You Can Get, To Engage With Your Site, The More Revenue, You’ll Generate Per Visitor!